September Annual Meeting Minutes : 2018


 MINUTES FROM 09/08/2018

Social hour from 6pm to 7 pm with light refreshments served.

Meeting opened at 7:05 pm

Board members present: Bryan Looper, Mike Dallam, Chuck Allen, Linda Lattin & Sandy Nelson

Board members absent: None

Guests present: AJ & Christa Schill, Michael & Kari Preuit, Anthony & Kelly Maestas, Joanne Rand, Judy James, Cedar McGrath, Jesse Weurel, JoJo Allen, Tom & Dee Halligan, Sherry Dallam, Anthony , Jan & Mark Delaney, Mary Jo Valentine, Doug Carlson, Mrs. Bob Overton, J Jows, Steven Mahaffey, Meg Wempe, Wayne & Cathy Justus, Mike Moore, Jayme & Mike Crabtree, Steve & Pam Barback, Ed Rombach, Bruce Wamsley

Agenda had 3 items added:

  • Discussion of payment of dues
  • Properties accumulating trash, junk etc.
  • Issue of spraying pesticides to other properties

Motion to approve made by Bryan, second by Chuck   5/0 approved


Secretary Report:

Minutes were reviewed. No corrections.

Motion to approve by Bryan seconded by Mike.  5/0 approved


Treasurers Report:

Mike handed out a Profit/Loss January – August 2018 and Balance Sheet August 31st, 2018.

He also presented the proposed budget for 2019.  Motion was made by Bryan and seconded by Chuck to approve.  Passed 5/0

Talked about the Resolution of Dues 9.08.18.  He read the changes of due dates currently due on 12/31 to be changed to 6/30.

Bruce Wamsley asked about collecting collection fees if you have to take someone to court.   He wanted to know why the board doesn’t take delinquent accounts to court. Bryan answered that as a new board we are slowly addressing this problem and getting several caught up.  Plus the board does not want to be a bill collector. Bruce feels we need to be more aggressive.

Mary Jo Valentine feels that if we are going to be more aggressive in collections then we should be that way with junk & trash.

Bryan explained that a lot of homeowners don’t know we exist or that they owe dues because of past accounting records or they feel that they are exempt from paying any dues.

Tom Halligan asked how what percent owe dues. Answer is about 50%.

Cathy Justus explained what the past boards did and how the legal fees came about.

Mike Dallam talked about HB1276 and the procedures to follow to collect dues.  This must be in place first before we can go ahead.

Motion to approve Resolution 9.08.18 was made by Linda seconded by Bryan. Passed 5/0


New Business

Payment of dues discussed in Treasurer report.

Bryan talked about the new website,, and all the new features.  .  There is a contact link @ for someone to contact us.  Explained that’s why we asked for contact information so we can update our lists.

We hope to get to a point where property owners can pay their dues on the website.



There are 3 openings on the board and also 3 openings on the ARC Committee

There are 5 people running for the home owners board: Chuck Allen, Mark Delaney, Linda Lattin, Michael Preuit & Meg Wempe

The ARC board didn’t have anyone running at the start of the meeting but Tom Halligan and Doug Carlson volunteered to serve.

Bryan read Bio’s for the candidates.  Ballots were handed out. JoJo Allen & Sherry Dallam volunteered to count the ballots.  The secretary who would normally vote the Proxy ballots didn’t because she is running for the board herself.  Bryan explained he had called each of the owners who sent in proxies and received a name of who could vote for them.

Proxies received –

Ballots voted –

Results for Board: Michael Preuit – 25

Chuck Allen & Linda Lattin – 24 each

Meg Wempe – 23

Mark Delaney – 13

ARC added Tom Halligan, Doug Carlson & Bruce Wamsley


Road Conditions and Speed was discussed.  Chuck Allen talked to Matt Archuleta at Road & Bridge, and we have an official complaint filed for the blind curves. Signs maybe going to be placed on those curves.

All complaints should be directed to Road & Bridge.

A Shilling wants to know why the property owners can’t come to the board and have the board represent them. It was discussed that we get more done with the county if more people complain than just the board.

It was asked if we could get or do private plowing in the subdivision. Michael Preuit explained how expensive that is.  Linda Lattin also said that the county could fine you if you get caught plowing county roads.

Judy James stated if you go fill out paperwork at the county it gets done quicker than a phone call.


Property with Junk was discussed next.

Mary Jo Valentine complained about the trashed out properties and wanted to know what the board can do about it.  The county has a junk and nuisance ordinance that can be enforced if several people call and complain.

Bruce Wamsley talked about how hard it is to enforce anything against a homeowner.

It was also brought up that people are living in their RV’s on their property which is against covenants.

Property on Dandelion has work being done on it without permits.  Board was going to notify ARC

To get any changes in covenants it requires a 2/3 vote and must be very specific

Bryan will check to see if we can add the county website to our website for quick access.


Spraying of Pesticide:

Cathy Justus talked about how gardens and flowers failed this year due to pesticides in the air.  She and Larry Dick had talked to the Colorado Extension Office and sent samples to CSU to confirm it was that causing the problem.  It came back as a 2/4/D type pesticide causing the problems.

Please think of your neighbor when you use these products.


Entrance Sign Light:

Bryan talked about all the issues with the lighting of the sign.  Cords, power outages, etc:  Solar is being considered as a possibility.

Solar vs. electric meter costs were discussed.  There is money in the association funds to fund this but the property owner of the property where the sign is must also be consulted, because he has a say in what happens on his property.

Mark Delaney made a motion to add solar to the lighting, seconded by Pam.  All agreed.


Short Term Rentals (STR) also known as Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) was then discussed.

The board had sent out a short survey on how people feel about these.  64 surveys were turned in. The 4 questions asked were:

  • STR of less than 90 days not allowed received 33%
  • STR of less than 90 days allowed if property owner is present 24/7 during rental received 19%
  • Do nothing – allow all STR’s received 42%
  • My proposal _____________ received 6%


The county new regulations are supposed to take effect the 1st of 2019 and that could affect what is happening in the neighborhood.

Valid points on both sides were made and conversations about pros and cons of STR’s were made by several in the audience.  It was pointed out that tourism is one of the main industries in our town.

Michael Preuit asked if the board can do something about this and if not why are we talking about it.

Are the complaints just a few or all the STR’s?

Cathy Justus and Tom Halligan, both former board members, explained procedures on changing covenants and Mike Dallam added the legal procedure to do it.

Mrs. Shilling has issues because her child does not feel safe riding her bike or walking on the roads because of the traffic and speeds being driven there.  She has also had problems with dogs chasing her child.

Lois Erickson submitted a letter to the board read by Cathy Justus.  She was very unhappy about the tone of the boards survey and feels her STR that she’s been doing for several years is being unfairly attacked.  This is her livelihood to keep her second home.

Larry Dick and Don Jackson also submitted letters to the board and are on file.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm

The board then held it’s meeting to elect officers for the new year.

Meeting opened at 9:22pm

It was decided that Bryan Looper would remain President, Chuck Allen VP, Mike Dallam Treasurer, Linda Lattin Secretary, and Michael Preuit Board Member at Large.

Voted 5/0

Meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm

ARC Committee: none