Sept. 2020 Board Candidate Introductions


My name is Kari Preuit, I have lived in Holiday Acres for the past 6 years and am a local to Pagosa Springs. My Family moved here when I started 3rd Grade. My husband is a born and raised local and we plan to raise our two small children here. I would like to be considered for one of the open Board seats up for election this year.

I would like to be a part of our community and help facilitate our community to be better for all our Holiday Acres residents. Personally, I would like to see the Board do more for the Holiday Acres community to be able to benefit from the Green Space we all own and share. Right now, I feel like this space is out there, people would like to use it, but a lot of residents either aren’t exactly sure where it is, or don’t really know how they can use it.

I want Holiday Acres to be a beautiful and safe place for all of us who live here. I want it to be a place I know my children are safe, that I am proud to be a part of, but also a place where I am free to have my property and utilize my property. I don’t think we need rules on top of rules and covenants like crazy, but I also feel there is a place for the Board and regulations to a degree. I think there can be a balance of both. The HAPOA has the opportunity to utilize resources and members to benefit all. I’d like to help with that instead of sit back and wish someone would do something about it. Thank you for your consideration!


My name is Lexi Alexander, my husband and I moved our family into Holiday Acres nearly two years ago. I have a background in Nursing and music, and my husband is a Healthcare Provider. We have school aged children, and love what this neighborhood offers our family! I am interested in being part of HAPOA for several reasons. I want to be a positive part of our neighborhood’s continued development, and enjoy getting to know my neighbors.  I would also love to see our green space further developed, possibly with trails that we could all enjoy! 
Mostly, I just want to be an active member of my community and help our neighborhood remain the lovely place that it is to live. I appreciate your consideration!


My name is Bill Noel and I am willing to serve as a Board Member for the HOA.  My wife Connie and I live at 1425 Shenandoah Drive.  We bought the lot about 15 years ago and built our house 12 years ago.  We have been full time residents since my retirement in May of 2019.

My interest in the Board is two-fold.  I believe that every property owner should do their share to support the organization.  The HOA protects our home value through modest and effective rules, such as not allowing trailers or clear cutting of trees.  I would also like to maintain the quite reasonable annual dues.

I have the time to participate in Board duties and will be able to attend most meetings.  I also think that I am well qualified to serve.  I worked in health care administration for the last 32 years of my career, but more importantly, I understand the role of a board member and a board.  I have helped support boards a part of my administrative role and I have served on several not for profit boards.  I am currently a member of the Mind Springs Health Board.  Mind Springs is a mental health organization based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  It owns a mental health hospital and clinics in eleven counties on the West Slope of Colorado.

As a board member, it will be my job to serve the home owners of Holiday Acres.  I have no personal agenda other than to see that we use our financial resources prudently and that we maintain a light but consistent touch when it comes to the rules.  I have seen HOA’s that regulate owners to death and we chose Holiday Acres in part because that does not happen here.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hello, my name is Jon Howard and am running for a position on the Holiday Acres board.  My wife, 2 girls and I moved into the neighborhood a little more than a year ago.  Coming from rural New Hampshire the transition into Pagosa life was an easy one.  My 2 girls love the neighborhood and the friends they have made here.  We love the easy and kid friendly vibe and from a parental standpoint the community that exists in this neighborhood gives us a sense of safety and wellbeing letting our kids just be kids.  

My motivation for running for a position on the board is to do what I can to help maintain the wonderful spirit of community that is Holiday Acres.  We are able to keep a standard of living, clean roads, a friendly atmosphere; all this for a incredibly reasonable HOA fee and not having the tyrannical feel of the PLPOA.  I believe we have good common sense covenants that allow our neighborhood to grow, maintain property values and generally keep an attractive and safe neighborhood.  

My wife and I were long time business owners and I understand how to accomplish tasks and interact with people without acrimony and delegate without dispute.  The board needs to maintain a sense of civility and also never take itself too seriously.   Being of working age with children in our community’s schools gives me an understanding of what is needed to keep Holiday Acres what it is and help guide it into the future.  I hope this gives you all a brief bit of info about me and hope to bump into you all on the road.

Thanks,  Jon

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


TOM HALLIGAN (should have been on the ballot)