September 12, 2020 HAPOA Annual Meeting Minutes

6 pm: Registration started
No social hour due to COVID.
6:33 pm: Bryan opened meeting
Board Members all present
Guests: Sherry Dallam, Doris Green, Bill Noel,
Wayne & Cathy Justus, Kari Preuit, Ed & Jan
Berger, Peggy Goss, Anthony & Kelly Maestas,
Mary Jo Valentine, Jack Maxcy, Leah & Ddniel
Smucker, Chris & Julie Boyd, Martin Schmidt,
Jon Howard, Julia Jones, Bill Timarco
Approval of Agenda:
Move Firewise before New Business, add Public
Comment, under New Business add IT guy –
Code by Curtis
Motion to approve as amended by Bryan,
seconded by Mike D. Vote 5/0
Secretary Report:
Approval of July 8th meeting. Motion made by
Bryan to approve, seconded by Mike P. Vote
Treasurer’s Report:
P/Land Balance Sheet were presented. Julie
Boyd asked what the $333.00 on debt card was
for. Mike D said that was for stamps and
envelopes. Accounts Receivable amount is the
balance of people who haven’t paid yet.
Proposed Budget: Bryan explained the
proposed budget that was handed out. We are
hoping to get to a point where members can
pay online, get proxies etc. Explained why the
survey of the wetland/greenbelts was on
budget. Many owners are unaware of the
locations and boundaries, we are hoping this
will help define those. Explained why fire
hydrants amount is in budget. PAWSD and the
Fire District have been contacted. PAWSD is
responsible for this but they don’t have the
manpower to keep it up. This money will
towards getting the hydrants tested and
maintained. Cathy Justus thinks the board
needs to put pressure on PAWSD to service
these. Mary Jo Valentine feels this is a good use
of money spent.
Julie Boyd thinks dues should be lowered to $50
Motion to approve the 2021 Budget as
submitted made by Mike D., seconded by Bryan
L. Vote 5/0
Bills paid: PO Box rent $92.OO
Stamps and envelopes $333.00
Motion to pay bills made by Linda, seconded by
Mike P. Vote 5/O
FireWise made their presentation by JoJo AIlen
and Bill Timarco. Bill is the WildFire Adaptive rep
for FireWise USA. He stated that all the forests
around here are sick. The original trees had a
fire about every 7 years and that kept them
healthy. Holiday Acres trees are probably from
around 1910. The trees are too close together
and too dry. When they are like this they are
susceptible to disease, bugs ect. Our aerial is
very similar to Paradise Ca. and what happened
there could happen to us. Bill’s job is to teach
homeowner’s how to save their house in the
event of a fire.
He stated community assessments can be
available. Mr. & Mrs. Berger asked what kind of
mulch is recommended. Bill recommends gravel
or dirt.
He asked that the board put money in their
budget for FireWise. FireWise is a non-profit
organization. There is a whole page on our
website about FireWlse.
Cathy Justus asked about mowing on the road
easements. The county doesn’t do mowing
anymore. Can we contract this out? )
Doris Green asked the boards position on Air
B/B. The board doesn’t have authority because
it’s not in our CC & R’s. All B&B’s should be
registered with the county. You can call and
check to make sure it’s being done and
permitted properly.
Code by Curtis: IT guy is taking over our site
from T J Carter. He is going to merge sites and
help oversee website.
Motion to approve Code by Curtis made by
Mike D, seconded by Bryan. Vote 5/O
Election of Board member – 3 openings and we
had 4 people interested.
Election to ARC – 3 openings and we had 2
people interested.
Ballots were sent to property owners for voting.
Kelly Maestas & Peggy Goss volunteered to
count ballots.
Results for the board are:
Kari Preuit – 32
Lexi Alexander – 34
Bill Noel – 32
John Howard – 29
Kari, Lexi and Bill will be the new board
Results for the ARC are: Wayne Justus 39 and
Tom Halligan 26

They both will be on ARC.
ARC didn’t have any report
Tiny house on Elkhorn is supposed to be a shop
not a house. Board has sent letters and emails
to owner about this.
chuck Allen talked about the blue number
signs that the county is asking for. These are for
EMS & Fire to be able to locate address quickly.
They are available at the county Road and
Bridge office. Cost is $25.OO
Bryan asked the departing board members
chuck Allen, Linda Lattin and Michael preuit to
stand up. He thanked them for their service on
the board.
Meeting adjourned at 7:57 pm