2023 Proposed Covenant Voting Results

Dear Holiday Acres Property Owner,


Thanks to all of you who participated in the votes on allowing 4-H pigs and reducing the requirements for a vote on covenant changes.

The results for both ballots are that we do not have enough votes for a valid vote on either ballot item.  The current requirement is that over 66.6% of the total possible votes must be in favor of the proposed amendment or amendment change for it to pass.  We have 169 lots and therefore 169 possible votes.  Currently, there must be 115 yes votes for an amendment to pass.  We did not receive 115 total votes for either ballot initiative, which made it impossible to pass a ballot, even with 100% yes votes.

It is interesting to note that if the proposed amendment for 50% of owners voting yes to pass amendments had been in place, both ballot items would have been valid votes, and both would have gone down to defeat.  In that scenario, 85 yes votes would pass an amendment.  We received 94 votes on the pig ballot and 92 votes on the voting change ballot.  Both votes were in favor of the ballots, but there were significant numbers of no votes for each.

There has been only one valid vote ever as far as we know.  It was the vote to make Holiday Acres a mandatory association.  Repeated calls were made to owners and the ballot item barely received enough votes.  In the case of these current votes, Board members attempted to call every member who had not voted during the past month encouraging them to participate, but it was not enough.

The Board will continue to discuss ways to encourage participation in any future votes as well as discouraging any frivolous votes.  Votes take significant time and money as we must adhere to the latest in HOA law on votes.   We currently have no rules on calling a vote.  We will consider such things as requiring a certain number of signatures on a petition from an owner before calling a vote.

Thanks to everyone for you time and interest.  We welcome any thoughts that you have on this matter.



Bryan Looper

President – on behalf of the Board

HAPOA Vote 2023