HAPOA Board Meeting November 2nd, 2020

Holiday Acres Property Owners Association – Meeting November 2, 2020

Meeting called to order at 9:13 AM. All board members present – Kari Preuit, Mike Dallam, and Bryan Looper present in person, and Bill Noel and Lexi Alexander by Google Meeting. Minutes taken by Lexi Alexander, Secretary.

Open forum skipped as no additional persons present.

 Presentation of Reports

                -Treasurer’s Reports: No official report given at the meeting, but references to emailed sheets (attached) given by Mike Dallam.

                -No additional reports

Old Business

                -Bryan Looper personally paid GP $29.97 for the HAPOA website. Bryan motioned for HAPOA to refund to him the $29.97, and Kari Preuit seconded the motion. The motion was approved, with a 5 for – 0 against vote.

                -Mike Dallam and Bryan Looper clarified from the financial reports (see attached) that the 2002 legal assessment income of -$531.15 and the dues income of -$26,351.65 to be the amounts of previously forgiven dues and the loss of a mobile home settlement in the past, not financial transactions within the 2020 year.

-Bryan Looper motioned for meeting minutes from October 13, 2020 meeting to be approved, and Bill Noel seconded the motion. They were approved with a 4 for, 0 against vote( Lexi Alexander did not vote as she was not present at the meeting).

                -Reviewed that of the previous 8 individuals who typically pay their annual HAPOA dues but were late for 2020, 1 has paid since last meeting. It was discussed that a friendly reminder would be sent with their 2021 invoice in January, with the additional $10 late fee added to their 2020 dues. Kari Preuit motioned that a reminder also be added that if their dues for 2020 and 2021 are not paid by June 31, 2020 that collection procedures will begin, Lexi Alexander seconded the motion. It was appoved with a 5 for, 0 against vote.

                -The board agreed to have our lawyer approve our policies and procedures regarding collection processes and liens.

New Business

                -Bryan Looper motioned to hire Altitude Law at an hourly rate for the HAPOA attorney, and was seconded by Lexi Alexander. Motion was approved with a 5 for, 0 against vote.

                -Discussions were had regarding HAPOA members who had not signed the settlement form and/or paid HAPOA dues.

                -The board was updated that Neil Smith had previously returned a doctored version of the settlement agreement, and was communicating willingness to sign the agreement provided the board would removed certain sections. Lexi Alexander motioned to make no changes to the settlement agreement that has already been approved by HAPOA’s legal advisors, and to have Bryan Looper reach out to Mr. Smith to express he had until 5PM on Friday to sign the agreement or he would be part of the lien process going forward, motion seconded by Bill Noel. Motion approved with a 5 for, 0 against vote.

-The board was updated that Mae and Horace Jaramillo have reported that 2020 dues have been mailed, though they have yet to be received. Mae needs to sign the settlement agreement. Bryan Looper motioned to waive the late fees for both their lots, provided they both sign the settlement agreement by 5PM on Friday, and Kari Preuit seconded the motion. It was approved with a 5 for, 0 against vote.

-The board was updated that the Nelsons have been unreachable, with letters being returned excepting the most recent mailing as of yet. The board plans at this time to wait until Friday at 5PM, and then proceed with collections process as advised by our lawyer.

-The board was updated that a Mr. Brenner owns a vacant lot in Holiday Acres, and HAPOA has not received any response regarding the settlement or dues. Bill Noel motioned to refer to Altitude Law as to how to proceed, and Kari Preuit seconded the motion. The motion was approved with a 5 for, 0 against vote.

-Kari Preuit motioned to return as much as possible refund to all HAPOA members who have been paying dues regularly, and Bryan Looper seconded the motion. The motion was passed with a 5 for, 0 against vote.

-The issue of potential quorum issues to be addressed by the HAPOA board in January.


Next HAPOA Meeting to be January 6th, 2020 at 9:00 AM.