HAPOA Board Meeting November30th, 2020

Holiday Acres Property Owners Association – Meeting November 30, 2020

Meeting called to order at 12:03 PM. All board members present via Zoom – Kari Preuit, Mike Dallam, Bryan Looper, Bill Noel and Lexi Alexander, along with Larry Dick as guest. Minutes taken by Lexi Alexander, Secretary.

Open Forum

Larry Dick shared about the Holiday Acres Wetlands Project, which was started by himself and previous HAPOA President Don Jackson in December of 2011. He stated that the USDA and FCA gave a $20,000 contract for the Wetlands property in exchange for HAPOA to maintain the Wetlands for 10 years. Larry reports that he and Don Jackson recently inspected the Wetlands, and that there has been encroachment of cattails and that the various ponds are overgrown. He shared that due to weather conditions, HAPOA has not done the maintenance work due to the ground being to moist for the vehicles to get in there and dig out/maintain the area.

 Presentation of Reports

                -Treasurer’s Reports: N/A

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Old Business



New Business

                Larry Dick has secured bids for the HAPOA Wetlands area from Ty Faber and Michael Preuit, to shore up the western pond, trench 135 ft through it to the second middle pond. Larry Dick suggested that the cattails be eradicated, a water retention device be evaluated, and paths be created on the HAPOA Wetlands by volunteer efforts. Larry Dick reports to the board that Ty Faber has given a bid of $10,000 for the project, and that Michael Preuit has offered to work on an hourly basis and estimated the work to cost $7,500. He also reports that the weather is perfect right now to complete the work. Larry Dick asked the board to consider starting the project as soon as possible and to vote on which bid to accept.

Bryan Looper shared that he has been wondering whether it would be a good idea to have the HAPOA greenbelt property surveyed. Larry Dick shared he has maps of the greenbelt property to show the board, and so the decision to survey will be put off until later.

Mike Dallam shared that there is currently $10,000 in the bank account for the Wetlands Project, but in the efforts to return as much financially to HAPOA members this year he would like to spend $5,000 from the current account, and $5,000 from the next year’s budget to complete this project all at once.

Bill Noel motioned to approve the Wetlands Project for a 135 foot trench between ponds, and for the West Pond and Mayflower Pond to be upgraded and dug out. Mike Dallam seconded the motion, and the motion passed with a 5-0 vote.

Bill Noel motioned to accept Mike Preuit’s bid for the project on an hourly rate up to $10,000, which was seconded by Mike Dallam and passed with a 4-0 vote (Kari Preuit recused herself from the vote).


Next HAPOA Meeting to be January 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM.