January 6th, 2021 HAPOA Board Meeting Minutes

Holiday Acres Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting Minutes

9:00am Jan 6th, 2021 – 2800 Cornerstone Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Call to order: 9:12am
Board Members Present: Bryan Looper, Kari Preuit, Larry Dick (ARC Board) in person. Mike Dallam & Bill Noel via Google Meeting.

Presentation of Reports
Treasurer’s Report — Mike emailed and presented the board with the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet as well as bills to be paid:
Operating account
Code by Curtis          $363.00
USPS                        $111.80         200 Forever stamps
Div. of Real Estate     $38.00          2021 Renewal

Wetlands account
NextGen Excavation   $10,000.00
Larry Dick                    $96.00
Legal account
Altitude Comm. Law       $290.00
Mike let the board know that the -$531.15 2002 Legal Assessment Income as well as the -$31,420.17 will both be zero’d out starting 2021 with the dues that were either paid OR written off with the settlement signing.
Kari motioned to pay all bills, Bryan 2nd – Motion Approved 4/0 vote.

The question of repayment to HAPOA owners came up at this time. It was decided that we will table this and address it at the March meeting to send out the refunds with the August mailing. That way we can do the 2022 budget in July and know exactly how much funds we must use for the refund.


Old Business
a. Review of any HAPOA residents behind on paid dues.
Bryan & Mike updated the board on HAPOA residents that are behind on paid dues. Since last meeting, Lonnie Brenner has signed the agreement and paid. Neslon Family Trust was finally reached thanks to David F. (lawyer) and they have signed and paid as well. There are still 10 regular paying members that have still not paid 2020 dues. They will now be assessed a $10 late fee and their 2021 statement will show the 2020 dues, late fee, and 2021 dues.

  1. Approval of minutes from November 2nd and November 30th Meetings.
    Changes to minutes presented for Nov 2nd Meeting:
    Mae signing the agreement makes the agreement complete. The Horace on the deed is Horace Senior not Junior. Horace senior is deceased, thus Mae signing the agreement completes it for that lot.
    There was indeed a treasurer’s report given by Mike.
    Changes to minutes presented for November 30th Meeting:
    Approval for wetland project.
    Bryan motioned to approve the meeting minutes with changes discussed, Bill 2nd. Motion approved 4/0 vote.

New Business
a. Annual mailing
It was brought up that we will be possibly looking at a quorum issue for this annual meeting with the HOA now having 100% compliance with paying members. In the annual mailing, we will include more instructions for homeowners on how to fill out their proxy. Mailing will include the annual letter, ballot, proxy, and itemized invoices. Owners who have late fees or unpaid dues will also get a separate colored sheet of paper letting them know of their delinquent dues and late fee if applicable. Bryan has a draft of the Annual Letter drawn up and will mail to board members. He asked that everyone look at it within the next few days and get back to him with anything to add or change.
Larry Dick asked for a reminder to be added to the annual letter to owners letting them know that what they need ARC approval for and how to go about that. Larry will email Bryan the wording he’d like to be used for this reminder section of the annual letter for Bryan to add.
2 Board seats (Mike and Bryan) are open, to be voted on at the annual meeting.
2 ARC seats (Larry and Lois) are open, to be voted on at the annual meeting.
Annual meeting has been set and location booked for September 11th at 6pm at the Archuleta County Extension Building.

  1. Next steps for Greenspace and budget items. Everyone is pleased with the wetland improvement done by Next Generation Excavation. Mayflower trench to lower pond and cattail burning is expected to really increase water flow down to west pond and keep sediment moving through the system rather than silt the ponds in.
    Next Steps:
    *Clean out 2 ponds on west side of Mayflower. Possibly dig out the two ponds and make them into one larger pond.
    *Digging out pond on East side of Mayflower
    *Culverts that run under Coyote need to be cleaned out. A project for possibly December 2021 or Jan 2022. Bill asked if Archuleta County Road and Bridge needs to be involved with this. Larry doesn’t think they are required for what we need done/cleaned out.
    *The board may want to consider in the future putting in an overflow control structure in the Mayflower pond to control retainment of water and flow out of the pond.c. Additional new business – Surveying Green Space. Larry has offered to go in and try to find property pins and show anyone who would like to go where the greenspace property is on the back/cliff side of Holiday Acres. Discussion of this happening before a meeting in the Spring or Summer time. The Board is wanting to get this area marked for the adjoining property owners with shared property lines, as well as the entire HOA property owners to know where the Greenspace back there is. Bryan and Mike both have separately tried to talk to the County Assessors office as well as Davis Engineering about this portion of Greenspace and easement with no success. All board members present agree with Bryan that getting this legally marked is a priority.

ARC Report
Larry Dick brough wetlands maps from NRCS and used these to discuss the “Next Steps” from New Business. Bryan asked for a list or report in writing for each of the Board meetings to refer back to at meetings and approval with minutes. Email approvals for ARC Projects are used to keep with a 30 day approval time frame. Larry said he’d be happy to supply a written ARC list or report for each board meeting from here on out.
Larry reported that Mike Weiman on Shenandoah was approved for his shed and car port. Ed Rombach at 1675 Shenandoah Dr. brought in a shed without approval. Ed needs to be post-approved like Mike Weiman was for his shed. Bryan will ask Linda (previous secretary) for the letter which was used for Mike’s situation as a template for a letter that will be sent to Ed.


Next meeting will be Wednesday March 10th at 9:00am. 2800 Cornerstone Dr. Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Adjourn – 10:10am