HAPOA March Board Meeting Minutes

HAPOA Board of Directors Meeting – March 16, 2021 via Zoom meeting at 2:00PM.

Zoom meeting ID: 723 2016 3057

Password: 6gy93m


  1. Call to Order
    1. Bryan Looper called the meeting to order via Zoom at 2:01PM.


  1. Roll Call
    1. All board members present, and Ashli Stretton present as a guest.


  • Open Forum
    1. Ashli Stretton shared that she is present to support the 4-H market swine project issue that will be discussed later.


  1. Presentation of Reports
    1. Treasurer’s Report – Mike Dallam shared about the Balance sheet and Profit/Loss sheet as of Feb. 28, 2021 that was emailed to the HAPOA Board. He also shared that the HAPOA board made $273.00 in interest from a bank account, that $100 was considered tax exempt, and that the remaining $173 was taxed at 33% = $52.00. As of yet, any return dues payments to residents have not been calculated or approved by the Board.
    2. Mike Dallam shared that the Bylaws PDF needs to be edited. Bryan Looper offered to receive the PDF and find someone to edit it.


  1. Old Business
    1. HAPOA Website Service Provider – Bryan Looper motioned for Curtis to convert the HAPOA website from Elementor to WordPress. Bill Noel seconded the motion, and the motion passed with a 5-0 vote.
    2. Bryan Looper motioned for minutes from January 6, 2021 Board of Directors meeting to be approved, motion seconded by Lexi Alexander and passed with 5-0 vote.


  1. New Business
    1. Dumpster for Spring Cleaning – The Board discussed that this idea has been brought up previously. If certain ‘illegal’ items are dumped, the dump will not accept the dumpster, and there is concern that people may place inappropriate items in a dumpster if left in the neighborhood, or that people may drive through if it is not policed well. An idea for having one day with volunteer policing was mentioned, along with an idea of having a dumpster drive around the neighborhood at a certain time and collecting items at each property. Bryan Looper is waiting for quotes, and this issue will be further discussed at a later date with more information on possibilities available.
    2. 4-H Pig Project for Residents – Currently the HAPOA Covenants do not allow for swine on HAPOA properties, and currently a 2/3 vote is needed to change Covenants. The suggestion agreed upon was to add this ballot issue to the June mailing, with the clarifications that the 4-H Market Swine project could be yearly approved by the HAPOA Board for a period of 5 months (April to August), with the expectation that there is no nuisance to neighbors. A note on the value of 4-H to be included with this ballot issue.
    3. Minimum Square Footage for New Properties – Currently the HAPOA Covenants allow primary properties to be built with a minimum square footage of 600 square feet, and it requires a 2/3 vote to change Covenants. It was suggested that we increase the minimum square footage of any primary new home builds to 1000 square feet, to ensure the cohesiveness of the neighborhood and property values. This issue is also to be added to the ballot mailing in June.
    4. Residents Driving 4-Wheelers/ATV’s on Roads – Everyone on the board received a letter from Jojo and Chuck Allen, requesting the Board give permission for full time residents of Holiday Acres to drive their 4-Wheelers on the county roads, so that the county could then give their permission for it. Concern was raised that there could be no policing over who was on the roads on their 4-Wheelers (renters, vacationers, etc), and that there could be possibly liabilities if HAPOA were to give permission for this activity in writing. It was decided that this issue should not be just a HAPOA Board issue but a community issue, and addressed by all Holiday Acres residents.
    5. There is a resident on Coyote who has noticed that people are speeding by their house, and has complained on this concern. The HAPOA board has placed a Children at Play sign across their home, which has not improved their situation. It has been recommended that this resident report any speeding activity to the Pagosa Sheriff.
    6. Lexi will type up the ballot issues regarding 4-H Market Swine, Minimum square footage for new primary home builds on Holiday Acres lots, and regarding changing our Covenants requirements for a 2/3 vote to a 2/3 majority of those who do vote. These typed ballot issues will be emailed to Mike, who will submit to the HAPOA lawyer for any edits prior to mailing the ballots with the June mailing.
  • Adjourn
    1. Bryan Looper adjourned the meeting at 3:11 PM.


Submitted by Lexi Alexander, HAPOA Secretary, on 03/16/2021.