HAPOA May 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

HAPOA May 2021 Minutes

Holiday Acres Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting Minutes

9:00am May 11, 2021 – 2800 Cornerstone Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 and Zoom


Call to order: 9:03am

Board Members Present: Bryan Looper, Kari Preuit, Mike Dallam, Lexi Alexander (via Zoom, first half of meeting) & Bill Noel.


Since only board members were present, no open forum.


Presentation of Reports


-Mike Dallam gave an overview of the Profits & Losses and Balance sheet.


– March Board Meeting Minutes were approved – Bryan Looper motioned to approve, and Mike Dallam seconded, with a vote of 5/0.


Old Business


                -Bryan Looper agreed to get emails and phone numbers of those not up to date with their HAPOA annual dues, and to send them a final reminder that dues are due by June 30th, 2021.


-A discussion was had about the upper ponds that have not been maintained within the Holiday Acres Wetlands, as to saving money to attend to mitigation and budgeting in the future.


-The HAPOA website has now been converted to WordPress, which should make management and transition of new Board members management easier.


New Business


-A discussion was had about a potential return of excess HAPOA dues collected, with Bryan Looper and Mike Dallam voicing strong support for giving back funds to Holiday Acres resident who have paid religiously over the years, since they recently supported forgiving past dues for non-payers to bring the focus on moving forward within HAPOA.

A motion was made by mike Dallam and seconded by Bryan Looper to return $50,000 of excess dues collected from 1997-2019 to current owners who paid those dues, in a ratio according to how much they paid.  Motion passed 5/0.



                –Holiday Acres resident Jojo Allen called in briefly to the meeting, but was disconnected due to technical issues.

Adjourn – 10:17 AM