March Board Meeting Minutes : 2018


MINUTES FROM 03/07/2018

Meeting opened by Bryan Looperat 6:10 pm.

Board members present: Bryan Looper, Chuck Allen, Mike Dallam, Sandy Nelson

Guests present: Sherry Dallam, JoJo Allen, Nicolle Looper, Mark Delaney, Gene, Daniel and Leah,

Secretary Report: Linda wasn’t there

Minutes of the January 9th 2018 meeting were approved.

Added ___to agenda

Treasurer’s Report:

Mike passed out and we reviewed updated financials from the last meeting.

Reviewed bank statement that Mike now has access to online

No motion to approve or amend

New Business:

We talked about the letter Chuck drafted in regards to past dues and decided to hold off of that letter for the time being and work on getting an introductory letter out, introducing the board and providing fire protection/mitigation information to all HAPO.

Linda wasn’t at the meeting to provide information on maps of the subdivision from Cathy Justice.

We discussed the meeting that was had with Trish our accountant for HAPOA.  She really does a lot of work for us for the amount she charges HAPOA.  She does all the accounts payable/receivables, annual insurance renewals and registrations with the state, all HAPOA mailings, and maintains the contact list for all property owners.  Mike or Bryan will try and meet with Trish again to talk about the history of the accounting and have detailed invoices generated for all property owners.

Mike talked about his research on other associations CC&R’s and he said that if HOA’s were started in the 90’s they are similar to ours and are very broad.  But the new HOA CC&R’s are a lot more detailed when it comes to restrictions.  We all agreed we don’t want to be dictators in regards to telling homeowners how to paint their house, gravel their driveway, etc. but we also don’t want to be a neighborhood like aspen springs where anything goes and property values drop.  We talked about the first thing to do is try and change the voting structure with our current CC&R to 2/3rds of the votes cast.  Instead of 2/3rds of the votes from all property owners as most property owners live out of town and don’t participate in the votes and we can’t get anything to pass.  The hunting being allowed vote was discussed and guests talked about how that was not passed due to not having 2/3rds of all proper owners even voting.  Mike was going to start the process of getting the correct addresses from the county assessor’s office of all property owners and cross-reference to our database that Trish manages.

We talked about the “special Assessment fee” that was imposed on all property owners in 2002 for $29,900 in attorney’s fees that were awarded by the Appellate justices in Denver.  All the fees were split up by every property owner equally.  We discussed the history of that as most of the board members were not around when this took place.

Chuck created a distribution list of all board members and ARC committee members and Bryan distributed them out.

Bill Trimarco with Fire Wise talked to all that was there about fire mitigation and why it is important to get communities on board.  He talked about how Fire Wise was a non-profit organization that helps in getting grants for homeowners to help lower the cost of contractor’s to come in and come up with a plan and mitigates your property helping protect yourself from fire danger.  He talked about how all the large pines had been cleared out and now we are left with smaller pines and oak brush that tend to act as kindling to fires.  He talked about the lack of moisture this year and how it is even more important to get your property fire ready in case of a fire in Holiday Acres.  He provided some good material on Fire mitigation and we will put in a letter and on our website all of this information for HAPO to reference.

Architectural Review Committee:

No one there to represent the committee, however, Mark Delaney’s workshop project was approved at the meeting.

Old Business:

Website-Linda was not present to talk about her conversations with Raymond at Rent a nerd, but Bryan mentioned talking to TJ Carter who manages some local nonprofit websites to see if he can make our website a little more interactive and user-friendly.

Chuck Allen mentioned the new board is all set up with the bank of the San Juans

Scheduled next meeting for May 2nd, 2018 at 188 Coyote Ct. (Bryan Looper residence) @ 6:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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